Friday, December 17, 2010

From Chris and Noelle Jones in Ivory Cost (Calvary Chapel) -- Gospel for Africa

Prayer points: 1) Health and safety for all the church here and for my family and that we would be able to meet together
2) Peace to be restored quickly
3) That God would fight for the people of Cote d'Ivoire
4) That the plans of satan and his pricipalities and powers would be broken
5) That the church/family of God in Cote d'Ivoire would not be divided along political lines
6) That God would have mercy on both candidates in this election and they would fall on their knees and repent of any sin they have committed and turn their lives over completely to Jesus Christ
7) The plans of greedy world governments and institutions would be exposed and condemned
8) Thay Cote d'Ivoire would become a shining example of freedom and Christian love
9) That what satan has meant for harm would be turned into something good by our Lord Jesus Christ
10) That the Gospel of Jesus Christ would go out to all of French-speaking Africa from Cote d'Ivoire

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Our Windows

We can see the crowd fighting the UN with rocks. The UN is using gases to disperse them. Some rocks are falling on our roof right now, 1:22pm.

From CCF's Windows

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From CCF's Windows

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Some Pictures of Haiti on YahooNews!

Haiti Elections

Hi Friends everywhere,
As most of you know already 2010 just added one more trouble for the country before leaving: Elections Turmoil. It started with a quake, then a storm, then a cholera outbreak, and now the crowd is destroying what is left standing.
If you are watching the news, I hope you are convinced by now that what is going on in Haiti is not "NORMAL", the problem is absolutely SPIRITUAL.
As we speak, building are being burned, one bridge was almost brought down last night in Petion-Ville but the Police intervened to prevent it. Life just stopped in Haiti: no cars on the streets right now just the crowd taking control and burning tires and else.
John 10:10
Please continue to remember us in prayers. I know it is easy to just forget about Haiti for it looks like a lost cause but don't. Prayers are what we mostly need at this time.
The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where Despair meets Hope

Dear friends,
Haiti, already going through hardships, faced this year alone a quake, a hurricane and as we speak a cholera outbreak that caused the border with the Dominican Republic to close down, adding to our probem. The cholera stats: about 72000 infected and 2000 dead.
In the midst of it all, we are happy to tell you that the Gospel continues to make its way to the heart of the folks the Lord sends the ministry's way: people being saved, getting baptized and yes getting married, specially our young folks. They are also litterally devoring the Word of God. We had 8 weddings so far in 2010 and 2 more coming before year end plus more already scheduled for 2011, all young men and women. If you know Haiti you know that young men don't get married in their early 20's, the young man who got married yesterday is 24. That's a sign of HOPE.

Continue to help us pray as tomorrow is a big day for the country: Presidential ELECTIONS. The history of elections in Haiti is one of blood being shed. As we tell people, the Lord Jesus-Christ shed His own blood 2000 years ago so our own blood and the blood of the future generation of Haitians can be spared. PLEASE CONTINUE PRAY.
God bless you all and we love you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updates and Prayer requests.

CC Port-au-Prince, Haiti

1. As mentioned in the recent news letter, the church is meeting in tents on the land which they are under contract to purchase. Building cannot begin until the land deal is complete. This process is being delayed. Please pray for this to be expedited as the tents have fallen down three times and it is hot.
2. Please pray about the leaders in the church that they would stay focused on the Lord and not get distracted by the earthquake aftermath.
3. We hope that the cholera outbreak will be contained but we have prepared by keeping supplies for rehydration solutions should they be needed. Also a water purifier is on hand. Please keep the situation in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Covet Your PRAYERS

1) The Land acquisition paperwork is taking forever hindering our ability to start with the Phase 1 construction. We have been waiting for about 4 months now. Please help us lift this before the Lord in prayers.
The big tent where we have church services and computer/English classes fell down 3 times so far, including last Sunday before church service.

2) New Saturday night service begins this October 23rd as the Sunday service is full. Pray for God's favor as we get ready, that everything will go smoothly and many more souls will be impacted for eternity with our Savior Jesus-Christ.

God bless you all,

Friday, August 27, 2010

First step

Thanks for your prayers.
We got the authorization to occupy the church land before the final papers are ready. Some of the guys from the church are working on setting up a big tent for church services and the computer classes.
Continue to help us in prayers as we are very limited in term of what we can do on the land since it is not officially the church's yet.
God bless you all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Haiti Update July 2010

Haiti Update July 2010

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince and Christian Family orphanage. While I had hoped to offer another printed news letter publication by this time, my trip to Haiti has to be delayed a few months. God willing I will have something with photographs in late August or early September.
The past few months have been an especially busy time for both the church and the orphanage. We are pleased to announce that the majority of the repairs to the orphanage, including the installment of the new steel roof, are complete and the children and staff are now living in the CCF building once again. There are still several repairs ongoing, but these are being completed while the building is occupied.
We are now in a position to accept more orphans. As you know, the earthquake has left many more orphans than were present even before this disaster. Due to the limited resources at the tent city, we have only been able to take one additional orphan since the earthquake. God willing, we will now be able to commit to several more in the coming months.
Due to the intense heat, rain and winds, the tent city has been closed. Over the past several months we have been working to repair damaged houses and place people from the tent city into more permanent living environments. The relief funds have been in part used to provide supplies needed to make these repairs. There are currently 2 Haitian construction teams dedicated to this work. Of course, many of the homes are beyond repair. Since the closing of the tent city, some of the relief funds have been directed towards renting apartments for those displaced.
We are happy to announce that a portion of land has been identified for the building of a facility for Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince and schools for the related ministries. The paperwork is currently in process but is being slowed down for a variety of reasons beyond our control. Given the damage to the previous building, the church has been meeting outdoors with a temporary extension of the lease on the old facility. Please keep the purchase of this property in your prayers for God’s speed.
An additional praise is that the Toyota Land Cruiser, purchased several months prior, has finally arrived. This will be a huge blessing as Pastor Serge has often been dependent on borrowing vehicles ever since the earthquake. He is scheduled to pick up the vehicle this week. Thanks to all who have donated to this purchase.
In spite of the wonderful progress that has been made at CCF, CCPAP, and the repair of housing for those who were living in the tent city, the conditions in Haiti remain poor. There has been an outbreak of malaria in and around PAP. Many, especially the young adults, are struggling with the bleakness of their future living in Haiti. Pastor Serge has requested prayers as he spends much time counseling individuals with these concerns.

Please continue to keep Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince and Calvary Christian Family in your prayers.
In Christ,
Eric Burks
Calvary Christian Family

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trees Planting Tomorrow

Just got back from a trip around the central plateau (center of Haiti). So beautiful, so many river streams, dream vacation areas, yet we are not taking care of God's resources to us. So sad.
Tomorrow the young folks from the church will be planting 1000 trees in Canaan, one the mountains overseeing Bon Repos. Please pray for safety, for the sharing of the gospel and for fun in Jesus name.
Sorry, no pictures. I did not bring my camera. Next time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My mom funeral

Thank you all for your encouragement showed in different ways (emails, phone calls, writing on my wall, comment on the blog, etc) during this time of mourning for my family. Also, those of you who travelled from far away to make it to New Jersey, the family really appreciates it and I was so glad to see you all.

God bless you and I love you.
What a wonderful thing when we have the assurance of our Salvation. My mom told me before she passed away that she really understood the gospel after spending time with CC PauP in the tents city after the quake and had peace of mind. Her peace helps me to relax knowing that she is with our Lord...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tents City Updates

It has been raining almost on a daily basis in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and the tents can’t sustain all that rain because the sun has been beating them for some time now. We try to get as many people out of our own tents city as possible by helping them fix or rent houses. A hurricane this year is unthinkable.
The orphanage CCF is due to exit this month of June back to a repaired house.
This Saturday we are starting a weekly corporate prayer/fasting to seek directions from the Lord.
2Chronicles 20:12 O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no might against this great company which comes against us. Nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My mom passed away

My mom passed away last Thursday. It is hard on the family. I covet your prayers, specially for the unsaved family members. The funeral will be this Saturday morning in New Jersey.
God bless you all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

House Repair: Sandral

Guys from  CC P-au-P working on Sandral's house

Daily Prayer Meeting in the Tents City

The worship team is praying for the ministry on a daily basis

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CCPAP Covets Your Prayers

Dear friends of CC P-au-P,
The Harvest is in sight but the persecution is increasing as well. Last month was the worst month ever for the ministry in term of spiritual warfare. I lost my "Relax" a little bit.
I feel better this month for many reasons. 2 of them are:
         1) My young leaders start to understand that spiritual warfare are a real part of any ministry and we need to guard our hearts and mind.
         2) My last 2 trips to the US were very encouraging. The first one was to my home church, CC Melbourne and the second was to CC Philly (and Antioch CC) for the Mission Conference.
Thanks for your prayers. Send us yours as well as we are going to have a weekly prayer/fasting meeting in addition of our Wednesday group prayer meeting.
God bless you all,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CC P-au-P Update from CC in the City (Boston)

Hello everyone,
We apologize for the recent lack of regular updates with regard to the relief efforts to Calvary Christian Family and Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince which is ongoing. Some of you have received updates from our monthly donation letters. I trust that you all have received the news letter update from February of 2010. If not, it can be downloaded from our website: We hope to have a more thorough illustrated publication of this sort by early July, however I wanted to update you all with the work which has been ongoing in the interim.
Calvary Chapel Port au Prince: Because of concerns with the church building's stability, Calvary Chapel Port au Prince has been meeting in the backyard of the church facility. This has been quite a challenge because the church has experienced exceptional growth since the earthquake. The church is proceeding forward with the purchase of land close to the current location. A large tent has been sent to Haiti which will be placed on the land for church services. During the week, the church-sponsored computer school (including the Bible studies to the computer students) will be held inside the tent. A church building and a school (for Calvary Christian Family and others) is being planned for the land.
Tent city: The tent city has been a blessing to the many in the church (and a few others) left homeless by the earthquake. Access to fresh water, toilets, and showers has assisted in staving off communicable illness. In addition, food has been provided through connections in the Dominican Republic. The tent city has housed over 200 people at its peak. As the rubble is being cleared and people are again seeking jobs in the city the numbers at the tent city are decreasing, as expected.
Calvary Christian Family: The children of the orphanage and the workers have been housed within the tent city since February of 2010. We even received a new orphan from the disaster named Douby who is about 3 years old (picture attached). The CCF building has undergone major construction in the past several weeks. The concrete roof has been torn down and a steel framed tin roof is being erected. In addition, the cracked walls have been excavated and repaired with additional steel and concrete beam supports. We are anticipating that the children and workers will be back inside within the next few weeks. At such time, we will be looking to receive more orphans into the facility.
Short-term Missions: Since our last publication, their have been many short-term missions teams made up of men and women from many different churches (Melbourne FL, St. Petersburg FL, Delta PA, Old Bridge NJ, Philadelphia PA, Kearney NJ, Vineland NJ, Cape Cod MA, Uncasville CN, Nashua NH, Fitchburg MA, Boston MA, Upper Marlboro MD) which have aided in rubble clearing, evangelism, and medical support. At the moment, we are holding off sending additional teams until the land purchase is complete which will allow for additional building projects for the church and orphanage use.
Transportation: The lack of a large vehicle has been a recurring problem for the ministry in Port au Prince. We are raising support from churches for the purchase of a multi-passenger truck for Pastor Serge to use for the ministry of the church and Calvary Christian Family. A down-payment has been made and the vehicle is expected to arrive by September 1.
Please keep the ongoing relief/rebuilding efforts in your prayers.
In Christ,

Eric Burks
Calvary Christian Family
Calvary Chapel In The City - Boston

Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayers and Fasting for 4 Days

Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince schedules a 4-day fast from Wednesday March 31 to April 3rd. As a body of believers, we will be praying to confess our sins to the Lord as a church and also as a nation. We will pray for our brothers and sisters sacrifying to help Haiti and for directions individually, collectively as the church of Jesus-Christ in Haiti and for the nation as a whole.
We need to hear from the Lord, let us pray so that our ears can be free from distraction.
Help us by coming alongside of us, even if it is a few minutes a day during this period.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

28 Folks got baptized today March 13, 2010

The Lord provided Web Access to the Tents City

Florida based Harris corporation just installed a satellite so we can have access to the Web. They also provided 2 laptops and 5 phone sets.
The Lord has provided again for us in ways we would never imagine.
Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Going Back to the Tents City

Hi friends,
I really thank all of you for your prayers and other support.
I am rested and refreshed, ready to go back to Haiti with my wife tomorrow March 2nd.
I do know that the church in Haiti has a great opportunity to show God's love and to claim Haiti for Christ as people are looking for answers.
Prayers Requests:
1) Protection against the spirit of distractions very prevalent in Haiti.
2) For a new place for the church, our lease expires this month and the building is cracked.
3) For the orphanage to be fixed so we can welcome more kids.
4) Hearts to be open as we go to the different tents cities to preach the gospel.
5) For new places for people to go before June in order to exit the tents before the hurricane season.
6) Protection for the people in the south side of Haiti as six cities are under water right now after 2 days of rain.
7) Protection for the missionaries helping in Haiti right now.

CC Port-au-Prince has been using 2 Corinthians 5:21 since after the quake to show people what Jesus did by living on earth and dying on the cross. Please share it with your neighbors. The passage in Corinthians makes Romans 6:23 clearer to us.
God bless you all

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magnitude 8.8 Quake hits Chile

Because I witnessed the quake that hit Haiti last month, I can relate to what the folks are going through in Chile. Please keep them in prayers.
The church always has a great opportunity in cases like these to show the Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Medical Missions

Several weeks ago Pastor Serge's cousin returned to Haiti. Luke worked as a nurse practitioner for years in Florida, but felt called to quit his job and return to Haiti after the earthquake. Luke knows the existing medical infrastructure in Haiti and has the connections to get medical professionals to sites of need. During the last week of January, he took a doctor and a surgical technician from Calvary Chapel in the City Boston to St Francois de Sales where they took part in triage and several surgeries. The last week of February Luke was assisted by several nurses from Calvary Chapel Delta in Pennsylvania. Calvary Chapel Philadelphia is sending down 2 doctors and 3 nurses at the end of this week to continue the work. Calvary Chapel in the City - Boston is coordinating these trips. Please contact them by email at if you are interested in participating. You may also visit their website at for further updates and to download a newsletter discussing other ways to help.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tent City is Open

The process of evacuating the homeless church members in PAP into the newly created tent city continues. Over the past week a tremendous work has been accomplished through the members of CCPAP. Ruble from the collapsed buildings around the hospital have been removed. Toilets have been installed. A make shift kitchen was built. Plumbing and electricity has been run throughout the large area where people will call home for the next several months. Even supplies for a clinic to treat people in the tent city as well as those in the surrounding community are being collected.

Ten tents were provided by the team who came down from CC in the City - Boston. An additional 20 tents from CC Melbourne were scheduled for arrival today through the MFI airport. CC Old Bridge is pledging an additional 20 tents that we hope will arrive by next week. In addition, CC Delta, PA, has generously provided the transport and partial funding of food for the tent city via their missions organization in Barahona, Dominican Republic.

The tent city is critical at this point as it is unsafe and unhealthy for people to continue to live on the streets without sanitation and access to clean water and food. Already, many Bible studies are happening each day at the tent city. Please pray for the unity and encouragement of the believers in PAP.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Church Service outside the building

Please direct all aid to either Calvary Chapel of Melbourne P Mark Balmer:
2955 Minton Rd
Melbourne FL, 32904
Tel: 321-952-9673

or Calvary Chapel in the City (Boston) P Steve Cole:
P.O. Box 200178
Boston, MA 02120
Tel: 617-232-6300

Many of the leaders are out but last Sunday we had over 200 in attendance for the church service.

Friday, January 22, 2010

CC Port-au-Prince is helping the congregation

As you know many people live now on the streets and public places with no bathrooms nor running water. I don't have to describe the sites for you.
CC P-au-P has been clearing up a field owned by a couple in the church in order to set up a tents area with running water, bathrooms, and food. We expect to shelter the first of people this weekend, including the handicapped young ladies that we work with.
The picture below gives you a glimpse of life in P-au-P. This is choosen at random.