Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday September 30, 2007

Today we had a great problem. The church was full and some of the leaders had to stand in the back giving up their seats to the new comers. We had a wonderful time of worship through music, songs, and Bible study. We finished John chapter 10 and focused on the fact that we may know there is a God, the Good Shepherd and yet with no relationship with Him. It is not enough to know he is the Good Shepherd but instead to accept him as my Shepherd.
Help us pray for God to show us what to do since we already outgrow our small place of worship.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29, 2007

Latest Wedding at CCPAP: Guy and Stephanie.

Friday, September 28, 2007

September 26-28, 2007

We had a 3 day trip to Oriani, a city near the border of the Dominican Republic, about 7000 feet high and cold all here long. Yes, part of Haiti is cold all year long. It is beautiful there and if it was not for the bad road I would not mind going there from time to time. Edy, Elsie, Dinette and I had a great time there. Edy had a meeting with church leaders he ministered for the past 2 years through Bible training. They will come, along with leaders from other churches, to Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince next month for a 2 days training/meeting with Pastor Beau, Edy and myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday September 19, 2007

Today we have about 45 kids from the street of Petion-Ville at the Bible Study. 34 of them were older kids and I worked with them at usual and a young man from Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince worked with the younger ones. We seem to get stucked in Matthew chapter 5:28-29. Today questions came up about homosexuality as many of these kids are being solicited by homosexual adults in the area. We talked about the spirit of the commands of God, the why. God wants to protect us and gives us laws to live by. We don't always understand why butwe can trust Him for the results. Today we talked about a few facts on homosexuality: short life span, diseases, unnatural use of our bodies etc. The kids were surprised to learn the cost of homosexuality and did not want to pay such a high physical price not counting the spiritual impact, the worst of all. Let's pray that the Word of God was well received once more since the Bible guarantees the Word will not return void.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 10-14, 2007

P Edy and his wife Elsie, Dinette and I went to Les Cayes, the third largest city in Haiti for some time of rest and family visit. We have been so busy the past 5 months with church services, Bible studies, computer classes, and counseling. We had a wonderful time and we are ready to continue what God calls us to do in Port-au-Prince (PAP).
Back in PAP we are continuing with the registration for the new computer classes. It is sad to see how many smart young kids who cannot afford to go to trade school or university after high school.
We offer the classes for about $7 a semester and yet many students can't come as they can't afford it. If you are reading this and God moves in your heart to sponsor a kid or 2 let us know. Above all, enjoy the life God gives you and serve him with all your heart.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday September 5, 2007

Street Kids Bible Study:
As usual we divided them into 2 groups and I worked with the older ones, more than 30 today with a few new faces. We got stucked on Matthew 5:26-27 about adultery. Once I started asking questions about fornication and why God wants us to stay sexually inactive before marriage I got bombarded with questions. We shared about sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, herpes and others. They were surprised to learn that there were about 28 sexually transmitted diseases, many of which have no cure. God knows what he is talking about when he gives us commands.
One of the new kid, about 19 years old, seems to be influenced by the muslems who are now being active in Haiti. He had a lot of questions, I did not want to get into too much with him today since the context was adultery so I invited him to church. Let's pray that he comes and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday September 4, 2007

Today we had the last computer class to end the first session for beginners. They had an opportunity to create their own email account and send me an email as homework. Next week, we will start signing up people for the next session starting the first week of October to end the second week of December. This time around P Edy and his wife Elsie will join me to teach classes.
We also finished the study of the book of Galatians with them. Some of the students were in church last Sunday, 1 of them for the first time. These computer classes are very popular and may God use them to bring more souls to the kingdom.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday September 2, 2007

What an amazing God we serve. When we taught on John chapter 1: In the beginning was the Word (the Logos, the Logic, the Reason) we mentioned that Greek philosophers realized that everything starts with a thought, an idea. The Bible taught the Jews that behind any idea or thoughts there is a thinker, a creator, the Logos, God who births that idea.
It seems like yesterday that God births in our hearts, my wife and I, to come back home and start a Calvary Chapel in the Capital. Yet, we had about 50 adults in the church yesterday and live music with a worship team for the first time.
Things seem to be moving very fast and we need to attach our seat belt. Edy Gehy, our Haitian friend whom we have met a few years ago at Calvary Chapel FTL came on staff last week as an associate pastor. It is such a blessing. We met through a common Jamaican friend, Tania Nash, who is still actively involved with CC FTL.
Friends, brothers and sisters, keep us in prayers so God can find us faithful. Haiti needs so much that the Word of God be taught by faithful servants.