Monday, July 21, 2008

Arun and Marie-Anne Pereira's Wedding

As some of you know Edy and I with our wives and my son Roby are in Washington to perform the wedding of 2 missionaries who served in Haiti for about 1 year and praying for God to open a door for them to go back in the near future. Everything went well and we had many opportunities to share the gospel and to fellowship with other believers. We had people from India where Arun is originally from, people from Switzerland where Marie-Anne is from, and of course local people from Arun's church. Different faiths were represented: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Catholocism, etc to cite the ones I know of.
We thank God for the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus-Christ in English and French.

Friday, July 4, 2008

CC Port-au-Prince Bible Boot Camp 2008

We completed our first day here at the church. We are quickly going through the Word of God from the gospel according to John to Revelation with 30 young adults. 3 of them are from the medical school Bible Study we taught this last school year.
The day ended yesterday by watching, from 8 to 10pm, "Facing the Giants".
Today, our second day, we started the day with 2-hour Bible Study and we had a wedding at 10am: Roussel and Astrude Pierre. Roussel is a police officer I met about 7 months ago when I had a car accident and he started coming to our church 1 month after we met.
As I am writing this blog, the different teams are meeting to plan the presentation they will have next weekend. Today, 2 of our young folks will teach 1 chapter of the Bible and others will do the same next week.
The next Bible Study will start at 2:30pm local time.
The camp is Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks. Lift our young folks in prayers. They love God and are willing to learn His Word.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Praise Report: New and More Powerful Generator

The Lord used a brother from Calvary Chapel Melbourne to bless the ministry with a brand new generator. Our computer lab has been struggling for lack of adequate power to run it well. The last 2 weeks of class, the 260 or so students enjoy the benefits of this precious gift.
Some of the students in English class had an interview with P Edy and I at the end of last week and this week, and we were glad to see the marvelous work the Lord is doing in these classes. One of the questions we asked them always in cases like this is: if you die today where would you spend eternity. Many students informed us that they accepted Christ during the class Bible studies. Some of them used to go to church and stop for lack of understand of the gospel.
What an effective ministry: computer and English classes. Thank you God for providing a new generator as a tool to attract more students so that they can hear a clear presentation of the gospel of grace.

Seige gets better

As some of you know I have been sick for the past week or so. Yes, I was still running around but not with all cylinders. I am now feeling better and I thank you for remembering me in your prayers. Our Lord is faithful and we trust him in our good times and bad times. Seige