Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday August 29, 2007

My wife and I visited the association of handicapped young ladies and brought them our monthly support. We chat with them for a minutes to find out what they are up to. 2 of them passed the official high school state exam and 1 failed. The new school year is around the corner.

We had a great bible study with the street kids in Petion-Ville. There were more than 50 kids and we divided them as usual into 2 groups, the small kids together and the teens together. I continued with Mathew chapter 5 with them. It is amazing how these kids are interested in learning about God and the Bible. One example is that while talking about the Law and Pharisees, I asked them if they remember who a Pharisee was. After explaining to me in their own term that they are people keeping the law one of the kid said the difference between a Pharisee and a Saduccee is that the latter does not believe there a Heaven nor a Hell. Oh, that was music to my hear. They shared their struggle with me as they try to please God on the streets: hard be blessed by being a peacemaker. I encourage them to be patient as God continues to do a great work in their lives.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday August 27 2007

Today is Dinette's birthday and we had 5 friends coming to our house for soda and and a cake. Happy Birthday Dinette.
We have two computer classes on Monday, one from 8am to 10am and another from 11am to 1pm. In the last 30 minutes of each class we hold a Bible Study. But Monday after 30 minutes the 11a-1p class wanted more and we continued until 2pm. They had questions and the Bible has answers. One girl goes to Pentecost church and she did not know where she would go if she dies today and we explain salvation to her, what Christ did on the cross and its meaning and she said that she believes and now is sure of where she would go. One guy is studying with the mormon and we explained to him what this group stands for and we asked him to stop, we'll see what happens next. God is faithfull.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday August 26 2007

We studied John chapter 8:1-19 and we had almost a full church, about 50 adults. Children ministry is up and running again after a break this summer due to the fact that our children ministry leader Adeline was traveling throughout Haiti doing training for future children ministry teachers. Adeline represents Child Evangelism Fellowship in Haiti.
After church the musicians tried out the new equipment we just bought: power amp, mixer, etc. Rehearsal starts officially this Saturday under the leadership of Edy Gehy. God is Great!

We also had the opportunity to speak to a youth group at our friend's church: about 60 teens and early twenties. The subject: Sexual Purity. They had many questions as this is a great challenges to Haitian youth at this time. A few approached me afterward for some one-on-one counseling. God is working with this group, I can tell.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday August 25 2007

We had a great time hosting 4 others pastors at Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince (CCPAP) to have dinner prepared by one the ladies of the church at her own expense. This really ministered to us all. They are already asking for more events like this. Maybe we can move around a little. One of the pastors is Edy Gehy who is now an associate pastor at CCPAP.
In fact, this lady, Karline, who was the first worship team member (used to lead worship by herselft in the beginning) has been preparing me dinner almost consistently on Saturday since we started having church service.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday August 22, 2007

Today Wednesday we had our regular Bible Study with the street kids of Petion-Ville and we studied Matthew 5:1-16 in our walk through the book.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday and Tuesday August 20/21

Monday and Tuesday mornings I was back to teaching the Computer classes and we also studied Galatians chapter 4 with them. That's a blessing when we remember that we have unsaved people, adventists, Jehovah witnesses, baptists, pentecotist etc. in these classes.

Tuesday night we were part of a panel of 4 pastors at the church La Communaute where we answered people questions on Salvation, the Holy Spirit and Sanctification.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to Haiti Saturday August 19, 2007

My wife and I had a wonderful time in Melbourne FL in our home church. It is great to sit back relax and be ministered to by P Mark Balmer, pastor of CC Melbourne. So many brothers and sisters loved on us. People in Haiti say that I have gained weight while in the states. I know I ate like a p.
I also had the privilege of being ordained by my senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Melbourne. God has a sense of humor: my wife vowed as a young lady to never a pastor and I used to get mad when people used to call me pastor a few years ago. I guessed they saw something that I was running from.

We also had a wonderful time in Kansas City KS where we visited our new friends from IICS and old friend Jim Ross who has been a missionary in Haiti for the past 14 years.

We got to PAP late last Saturday because of flight delay but we made ok. We had to cancel Sunday morning service because of Dean. However, my friend Edy said that did not want to leave me unoccupied on a Sunday and that's why I spent hours Sunday afternoon in the hospital with a friend whose son had an asthmatic attack.
Being in the hospital was heart breaking. There were so many kids who needed care and no doctors except for some interns from the state medical school. In the hallway were dead bodies of kids who have been there since the day before. The entire scene was hard to take, to say the least. I don't want to go into details here. Be praying for the Pediatric at the state hospital, the hospital in general, our main hospital here. I learned that the Pediatric was the best department of the hospital, hard to imagine considering what I saw.