Friday, May 28, 2010

House Repair: Sandral

Guys from  CC P-au-P working on Sandral's house

Daily Prayer Meeting in the Tents City

The worship team is praying for the ministry on a daily basis

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CCPAP Covets Your Prayers

Dear friends of CC P-au-P,
The Harvest is in sight but the persecution is increasing as well. Last month was the worst month ever for the ministry in term of spiritual warfare. I lost my "Relax" a little bit.
I feel better this month for many reasons. 2 of them are:
         1) My young leaders start to understand that spiritual warfare are a real part of any ministry and we need to guard our hearts and mind.
         2) My last 2 trips to the US were very encouraging. The first one was to my home church, CC Melbourne and the second was to CC Philly (and Antioch CC) for the Mission Conference.
Thanks for your prayers. Send us yours as well as we are going to have a weekly prayer/fasting meeting in addition of our Wednesday group prayer meeting.
God bless you all,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CC P-au-P Update from CC in the City (Boston)

Hello everyone,
We apologize for the recent lack of regular updates with regard to the relief efforts to Calvary Christian Family and Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince which is ongoing. Some of you have received updates from our monthly donation letters. I trust that you all have received the news letter update from February of 2010. If not, it can be downloaded from our website: We hope to have a more thorough illustrated publication of this sort by early July, however I wanted to update you all with the work which has been ongoing in the interim.
Calvary Chapel Port au Prince: Because of concerns with the church building's stability, Calvary Chapel Port au Prince has been meeting in the backyard of the church facility. This has been quite a challenge because the church has experienced exceptional growth since the earthquake. The church is proceeding forward with the purchase of land close to the current location. A large tent has been sent to Haiti which will be placed on the land for church services. During the week, the church-sponsored computer school (including the Bible studies to the computer students) will be held inside the tent. A church building and a school (for Calvary Christian Family and others) is being planned for the land.
Tent city: The tent city has been a blessing to the many in the church (and a few others) left homeless by the earthquake. Access to fresh water, toilets, and showers has assisted in staving off communicable illness. In addition, food has been provided through connections in the Dominican Republic. The tent city has housed over 200 people at its peak. As the rubble is being cleared and people are again seeking jobs in the city the numbers at the tent city are decreasing, as expected.
Calvary Christian Family: The children of the orphanage and the workers have been housed within the tent city since February of 2010. We even received a new orphan from the disaster named Douby who is about 3 years old (picture attached). The CCF building has undergone major construction in the past several weeks. The concrete roof has been torn down and a steel framed tin roof is being erected. In addition, the cracked walls have been excavated and repaired with additional steel and concrete beam supports. We are anticipating that the children and workers will be back inside within the next few weeks. At such time, we will be looking to receive more orphans into the facility.
Short-term Missions: Since our last publication, their have been many short-term missions teams made up of men and women from many different churches (Melbourne FL, St. Petersburg FL, Delta PA, Old Bridge NJ, Philadelphia PA, Kearney NJ, Vineland NJ, Cape Cod MA, Uncasville CN, Nashua NH, Fitchburg MA, Boston MA, Upper Marlboro MD) which have aided in rubble clearing, evangelism, and medical support. At the moment, we are holding off sending additional teams until the land purchase is complete which will allow for additional building projects for the church and orphanage use.
Transportation: The lack of a large vehicle has been a recurring problem for the ministry in Port au Prince. We are raising support from churches for the purchase of a multi-passenger truck for Pastor Serge to use for the ministry of the church and Calvary Christian Family. A down-payment has been made and the vehicle is expected to arrive by September 1.
Please keep the ongoing relief/rebuilding efforts in your prayers.
In Christ,

Eric Burks
Calvary Christian Family
Calvary Chapel In The City - Boston