Monday, July 11, 2011

Update from Eric J Burks

Hello everyone,
I had a blessed time on my most recent trip to Calvary Christian Family in Port-au-Prince Haiti. The children are strong and full of excitement. When I walked in the door, within minutes I had ten kids all trying to climb on me at once and I thought I was going to collapse to the floor with the weight of them all.
School ended in June for the kids and I was able to see the kids in some of their final classes. The boys all seem to love school and love learning.When I visit they enjoy practicing English with me. They like to count in English and name different parts of their bodies in English.
On this particular trip, I made it a point to sit down with each of the workers and talk to them about their jobs. It was such a privilege to see how God has been working in their lives since they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. As a general rule, the workers all began by simply learning the word of God through teachings and personal Bible studies. Within a few months they began to serve in different ministries in the church and were discipled. Those who were faithful and seemed to have a particularly calling and joy in working in the children's ministries were chosen to work at CCF in the capacities of caregivers. Others were chosen to serve in logistics type ministries including cooking, cleaning, and maintenance tasks.
As I asked the workers what they liked most about their jobs, the most common answer was "I like to play with the kids". It is wonderful to see Christians serve in the areas where God has called them. When I asked the workers what God has been teaching them in their jobs at CCF, the following answers were given: humility, patience, to love others more and kindness.
One of the workers whom I have known for years now and have grown very close to has the testimony of being orphaned as a child. Both his parents died and by the time he was about 10-years old he was put in an orphanage where he was abused. After some time he ran away and lived on the streets until he came to Christ as a young man. He has lived and served in the church for many years now and has served in CCF for the past year. He is a very godly hardworking young man.
When I asked him what he was learning at CCF, he said God is teaching him how children are supposed to be raised.
I hope you can see that CCF is not just a home for the children but it is a home for the workers as well. As in all ministries, the overflow of love and healing that God is giving the workers is being poured out into the children the serve. Please keep these workers in your prayers as they serve in this wonderful ministry.
Also, there are two additional boys who are in the process of being "adopted" into CCF. We will follow up with more details.
In Christ,
Eric Burks