Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where Despair meets Hope

Dear friends,
Haiti, already going through hardships, faced this year alone a quake, a hurricane and as we speak a cholera outbreak that caused the border with the Dominican Republic to close down, adding to our probem. The cholera stats: about 72000 infected and 2000 dead.
In the midst of it all, we are happy to tell you that the Gospel continues to make its way to the heart of the folks the Lord sends the ministry's way: people being saved, getting baptized and yes getting married, specially our young folks. They are also litterally devoring the Word of God. We had 8 weddings so far in 2010 and 2 more coming before year end plus more already scheduled for 2011, all young men and women. If you know Haiti you know that young men don't get married in their early 20's, the young man who got married yesterday is 24. That's a sign of HOPE.

Continue to help us pray as tomorrow is a big day for the country: Presidential ELECTIONS. The history of elections in Haiti is one of blood being shed. As we tell people, the Lord Jesus-Christ shed His own blood 2000 years ago so our own blood and the blood of the future generation of Haitians can be spared. PLEASE CONTINUE PRAY.
God bless you all and we love you.