Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updates and Prayer requests.

CC Port-au-Prince, Haiti

1. As mentioned in the recent news letter, the church is meeting in tents on the land which they are under contract to purchase. Building cannot begin until the land deal is complete. This process is being delayed. Please pray for this to be expedited as the tents have fallen down three times and it is hot.
2. Please pray about the leaders in the church that they would stay focused on the Lord and not get distracted by the earthquake aftermath.
3. We hope that the cholera outbreak will be contained but we have prepared by keeping supplies for rehydration solutions should they be needed. Also a water purifier is on hand. Please keep the situation in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Covet Your PRAYERS

1) The Land acquisition paperwork is taking forever hindering our ability to start with the Phase 1 construction. We have been waiting for about 4 months now. Please help us lift this before the Lord in prayers.
The big tent where we have church services and computer/English classes fell down 3 times so far, including last Sunday before church service.

2) New Saturday night service begins this October 23rd as the Sunday service is full. Pray for God's favor as we get ready, that everything will go smoothly and many more souls will be impacted for eternity with our Savior Jesus-Christ.

God bless you all,