Monday, April 29, 2013

I (Seige Poteau) am so sorry for not updating the blog for over a year. Not blogging does not however means lack of activities in the ministry. In fact, I have been so busy that I don't even know how I survived this past year.
I am still looking for a committed church member to take over the blog so we can do a better job with it. We have over 60 people working full or part time in the ministry (Calvary Christian Family, Boot Camp for Street Kids, Computer School and the church) plus over 100 volunteers on weekends, all either too busy or not having the required skills to do the blog. There are people in the church who could do it but we are looking for someone who is actively serving.
I thank God for all of you friends and supporters of the ministry for not giving up on us despite the lack of newsletters and blog entries. The church continues to grow spiritually and numerically (over 800 adults and over 500 kids).
Here are some pictures of the latest baptism (we have baptism every month):
Looking at our 2012 Prayer Requests, only #6 and #9 still stand today. We thank you for your prayers.

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